Centre Canadien d'Architecture

Top choice in Montréal

A must for architecture fans, this center is equal parts museum and research institute. The building incorporates Shaughnessy House, a 19th-century gray limestone treasure. Highlights in this section include the conservatory and an ornate sitting room with intricate woodwork and a massive stone fireplace. The exhibition galleries focus on remarkable architectural works of both local and international scope, with a particular focus on urban design.

The CCA’s sculpture garden is located on a grassy lot overlooking south Montréal. There’s also a busy, well-stocked bookstore.

There is free admission on Thursday evenings and the 1st Sunday of the month, which also has free guided tours of the current exhibition and an introduction to CCA in English at 1pm. At other times, tours are only available for groups ($5 per person including admission) and must be reserved weeks in advance.

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