Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Northern Ontario

Seen across the lake from Thunder Bay, the jagged Sleeping Giant Peninsula resembles a large reclining man. Its rugged, forested terrain has been considered a sacred realm for millennia. The Sleeping Giant Provincial Park covers much of the craggy promontory, offering unforgettable views of Lake Superior.

The park is wild enough to offer backcountry camping and over 80km of hiking trails, yet compact enough for a fulfilling day trip from Thunder Bay, around 70km west. Contact Ontario Parks ( for reservations. On trails such as the 40km, multiday Kabeyun, which follows the peninsula's dramatic coastline, you might see moose, wolf, fox or lynx in the boreal forest. There are also short trails of 1km and up, and kayak and canoe rental.

At the tip of the peninsula, you'll find the remote community of Silver Islet. In the mid-1880s the town exploded with the world's richest silver mine, now abandoned, and was a Hollywood location of choice in the early 20th century.

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