Must-see attractions in Sihanoukville

  • Sokha Beach

    Midway between Independence and Serendipity Beaches lies Sihanoukville’s prettiest stretch of sand, 1.5km-long Sokha Beach. Its fine, silicon-like sand…

  • Otres Beach

    Past the southern end of Ochheuteal Beach, beyond the Phnom Som Nak Sdach (Hill of the King’s Palace) headland, lies stunning Otres Beach, a seemingly…

  • Lamherkay Beach

    About 1.5km southwest of Victory Beach, next to a shady grove, is Lamherkay Beach, also known as Hawaii Beach. Koh Pos (Snake Island), the island 800m…

  • Ochheuteal Beach

    This 4km-long beach qualifies as Sihanoukville’s main beach, but it's no place to swim these days as the rapid development of high-rise casinos along its…

  • Independence Beach

    Northwest of Sokha Beach, much of Independence Beach (also known as 7-Chann Beach) has been taken over by a gargantuan new property development, but a…

  • Wat Leu

    Spectacular views of almost every casino (finished and unfinished) in Sihanoukville and gorgeous sunset panoramas await at Wat Leu, situated on a peaceful…

  • K
    Kbal Chhay Cascades

    Thanks to their appearance in Pous Keng Kong (The Giant Snake; 2000), one of the most successful Cambodian films of the post-civil-war era, these cascades…

  • O
    Otres 1 Beach

    Otres 1 is the first stretch of sand along Otres Beach. It's changing fast as Chinese companies take over from predominantly Western-owned businesses and…

  • O
    Otres 2 Beach

    The most southern section of Otres Beach, known as Otres 2, is mainly the domain of Chinese developers these days, with a few Western-oriented holdouts.

  • Victory Beach

    Not the best beach in town due to the looming backdrop of the Sihanoukville Port development, which has closed off part of Victory Beach. But the part…

  • G
    Golden Lions Roundabout

    The highly garish and impossible-to-miss Golden Lions Roundabout sits at the top of the hill where Serendipity Beach Rd heads down to the sea.

  • I
    Independence Monument

    The Independence Monument stands at the intersection that separates Sihanoukville city centre from Victory Hill.