Tourists on Otres Beach

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Otres Beach


Past the southern end of Ochheuteal Beach, beyond the Phnom Som Nak Sdach (Hill of the King’s Palace) headland, lies stunning Otres Beach, a seemingly infinite strip of casuarinas and blinding white sand. In Sihanoukville's glory days it could give southern Thailand a run for its money, but in recent years it has largely been defaced by wanton development. That said, the beach itself is still gorgeous, and the 2km stretch between Otres 1 and Otres 2 remains empty.

Inland from Otres Beach, Otres Village was an easy-going backpacker zone before being swallowed up in 2019 by a megacity development rising to the east of Otres. A few guesthouses remain but most are just riding out their leases.

Otres Beach is about 5km south of the Serendipity area. The road is in disastrous shape and prone to huge traffic jams because of all the trucks heading out here to build the megacity. A tuk tuk from Sihanoukville centre or Serendipity costs US$6 to US$10, depending on your negotiation skills (about half that for a moto).

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The most southern section of Otres Beach, known as Otres 2, is mainly the domain of Chinese developers these days, with a few Western-oriented holdouts.

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