Ta Mok's Lake

Northwestern Cambodia

Swampy Ta Mok’s Lake was created on Brother Number Five’s orders, but the water killed all the trees; their skeletons are a fitting monument to the devastation he and his movement left behind. In the middle of the lake is a small brick structure – an outhouse, and all that remains of Pol Pot’s residence in Anlong Veng.

In July of 2017, heavy rains caused this lake to overflow into Anlong Veng, destroying homes, businesses and roadways and flooding parts of town with more than 4m of water, according to local residents.

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1. Ta Mok’s House

0.25 MILES

On a peaceful lakeside site, Ta Mok's house is a spartan structure with a bunker in the basement, five simple wall murals downstairs (one of Angkor Wat,…

2. Ta Mok’s Grave

6.71 MILES

Ta Mok’s Angkorian-style mausoleum was built by a rich grandson in 2009. The cement tomb of the Khmer Rouge military enforcer bears no name or inscription…

3. Khmer Rouge–Era Statues

6.84 MILES

About 2km before the Choam frontier the road splits to avoid a house-sized boulder. A group of statues hewn entirely from the boulder by the Khmer Rouge…

4. Anlong Veng Peace Centre

7.28 MILES

The small Anlong Veng Peace Centre is an initiative from the Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-CAM; www.dccam.org) in Phnom Penh to build…

5. Pol Pot's Cremation Site

7.29 MILES

As you arrive at Choam border village, look for a sign for Pol Pot's cremation site on the east side of NH67 (it's 50m south of and opposite the Sangam…

6. Peuy Ta Mok


For spectacular views of Cambodia's northern plains head up to Peuy Ta Mok (Ta Mok's Cliff). The access road is behind the ramshackle smugglers' market,…

7. Pol Pot's House

7.45 MILES

Surrounded by a cinder-block wall, the late Khmer Rouge dictator's jungle hideout has been comprehensively looted, though you can still see a low brick…

8. Khieu Samphan's House

8.21 MILES

Former Khmer Rouge leader Khieu Samphan’s house is one of the most difficult sites to get to in the Dangrek Mountains area and many local moto drivers don…