Coconut Beach

Koh Rong

At the easternmost point of the island, this jungle-clad, white-sand cove is roughly two hours from Koh Tuch on foot along the coast or 30 minutes by moto on a rugged road that dissolves into mud in the rainy season (June to mid-October). A lone speedboat company (Buva Sea) drops guests off at the pier a couple of times a day. Island-hopping boats from Koh Tuch anchor here late in the afternoon during rainy season.

A long-tail water taxi to Koh Tuch costs US$10 per person – order one from the counter at the foot of the pier. Coconut Beach was once popular with raucous groups of island-hoppers from Sihanoukville, but these trips have closed down and may or may not resume for Sihanoukville's now almost exclusively Chinese customer base.

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4. Sok San Beach

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