Archaeological Museum


This 100,000-item museum is a tour de force of Thracian and Roman artefacts, as well as icons and ecclesiastical artefacts from recent centuries. Most dazzling is the weighty Thracian gold work, part of the Panagyurishte collection, Bulgaria's biggest-ever haul of ancient gold. The museum's most arresting space is a corridor flooded with natural light, which houses Roman-era statues and mosaics. Its enormous centrepiece is a 3rd-century mosaic of a river god encircled by geometric designs.

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1. Center for Contemporary Art

0.25 MILES

A stocky 16th-century Turkish bathhouse now features irregular, rotating displays of contemporary art. Free entry on Thursdays.

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This small private gallery, attached to Philippopolis restaurant, features exhibitions of 19th- and 20th-century Bulgarian art.

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