While not necessarily sexy, Curitiba has long garnered praise for being one of the world’s best models of urban planning, mainly due to the bold initiatives of its three-term mayor, Jaime Lerner, whose daring moves in the early 1970s transformed a six-block length of downtown into a pedestrian zone (done in secret under the cover of darkness), created five express-bus avenues with futuristic tubular boarding platforms, encouraged recycling and sustainable design long before it was fashionable, and planted trees and created parks on an enormous scale.

Curitiba has also taken innovative approaches to urban ills such as homelessness, pollution and poverty, and it’s now the envy of urban planners the world over and the country's most efficient city. With its abundant green spaces, sophisticated population and well-heeled infrastructure, this is a good spot to recharge your batteries and enjoy Brazil at its functioning best.

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