Palácio de la Ravardière

São Luís

The Palácio de la Ravardière dates back to 1689 and is now the Prefeitura (City Hall). A bust of São Luís’ French founder, Daniel de la Touche, stands before it.

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1. Palácio dos Leões

0.04 MILES

The Palácio dos Leões is the state governor’s palace, built in the 18th century on the site of the original French fort. It still houses state government…

2. Museo do Reggae Maranhão


A small, bright museum covering the history of reggae music in Maranhão. In addition to displays dedicated to the local artists and promoters who bought…

3. Igreja da Sé

0.11 MILES

São Luís' 17th-century cathedral looks along Av Dom Pedro II from its top end. Inside are ceiling frescoes decorated with babaçu (palm) motifs and a fine…

4. Museu de Artes Visuais

0.11 MILES

There’s a fine collection of old azulejos (decorative ceramic tiles), engravings, sculptures and paintings at the Visual Arts Museum, which has been…

5. Casa do Nhôzinho

0.12 MILES

At the eclectic and fascinating Casa do Nhôzinho, you can see a collection of ingenious fish traps, rooms featuring Maranhão indigenous artisanry, and…

6. Mercado das Tulhas

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This 19th-century market building now trades in an interesting variety of typical Maranhão crafts and foods, from dried prawns and Brazil nuts to an…

7. Casa do Maranhão

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Set in the former customs house built right on the river mouth, this informative and colorful museum is dedicated to Maranhense culture and features a…