Igreja de Nossa Senhora de Candelária


in Centro & Praça Mauá

Built between 1775 and 1894, NS de Candelária was the largest and wealthiest church of imperial Brazil. The interior is a combination of baroque and Renaissance styles. The ceiling above the nave reveals the origin of the church. The cupola, fabricated entirely from limestone shipped from Lisbon, is one of its most striking features. Mass is held at 12:15pm on weekdays and at 10:30am and noon on Sundays. Be sure to watch out for traffic as you cross to the church.

The construction on the present site of the original church, dating from the late 16th century, was credited to a ship's captain who was nearly shipwrecked at sea. Upon his safe return he vowed to build a church to NS de Candelária. A later design led to its present-day grandeur.