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Espírito Santo

Often overlooked as a destination, Espírito Santo is an enjoyable place to travel without the hype and higher prices of neighboring Rio and Bahia states.

North of the state capital of Vitória lies idyllic Itaúnas, a beach town surrounded by sand dunes, beloved for its tranquil natural setting and its exuberant annual forró festival. Further south, Espírito Santo's beaches cater to vacationing families from neighboring Minas Gerais. Here you'll find low-key beach resorts interspersed with fishing villages, all infused with a cheerful holiday buzz. Inland, Espírito Santo's mountains form an exquisite patchwork of jungled greenery and domed rocky outcroppings, culminating in the spectacularly scenic state park of Pedra Azul.

Even without all these scenic attractions, it would be worth visiting Espírito Santo just to eat. Local seafood specialties such as moqueca and torta capixaba are famous throughout Brazil.