500px Photo ID: 137355261 - After the first rains in the Okavango Delta, the mist lays low on the fertile soils of of the Mombo Floodplains. New life for all that have travelled the dusty road waiting for the rain.

Deon De Villiers / 500px

Okavango Delta

Welcome to one of Africa’s most extraordinary places. There is something elemental about the Unesco World Heritage–listed Okavango Delta: the rising and falling of its waters; the daily drama of its wildlife encounters; its soundtrack of lion roars, saw-throated leopard barks and the crazy whoop of a running hyena; and the mysteries concealed by its papyrus reeds swaying gently in the evening breeze. Viewed from above on a flight from Maun, the Okavango is a watery paradise of islands and oxbow waterways. At ground level, the silhouettes of dead trees in the dry season give the delta a hint of the apocalypse.


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