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Behind the 'zines: Lonely Planet Traveller's April issue

 The UK magazine team view the 100th issue cover competition winners The UK magazine team view the 100th issue cover competition winners

This month we’re celebrating the 100th edition of Lonely Planet Traveller UK. A true labour of love, it’s packed with inspiration for extraordinary adventures – from spotting lemurs and baobabs in Madagascar to soaking up coastal California and living with nomads in Mongolia. It also comes with a free book of the world’s 100 greatest travel experiences, as chosen by us.

Our 100th issue cover competition also gave 100 people the chance to see their photo on the front of the magazine. Take a sneak peek at four of the winners' incredible shots, and discover the stories behind them.


Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada), Sri Lanka

Stacy Mallaby took this photo on a two-week backpacking holiday in Sri Lanka with her partner.

‘After a gruelling overnight hike up the stone steps of Adam's Peak, we were rewarded with sights like this’, she says. ‘With the sunrise, panoramic views and mountain shadow, I was spoilt for choice over where to point my lens. The fact that it was our first vacation together made it all the more special, and is the reason why I love this photograph. A beautiful, peaceful, tender moment at Sri Pada never to be forgotten.’

Follow Stacy on Instagram: @malibu_s


Kirkjufell, Iceland

Andrea Heribanova visited Kirkjufell, a mountain on west Iceland’s Snæfellsnes peninsula, last winter.

‘It was -12°C that day, and the skies were completely cloudless. I’d been shooting the sunset, and decided to hold out until midnight – when the Northern Lights showed up, as if on cue. The skies were so clear that behind me even the Milky Way was visible with the naked eye.’

Follow Andrea on Twitter and Instagram at @andreah1306


Machu Picchu, Peru

Experiencing the winter solstice at Machu Picchu, Grace Fang captured this shot of a cheeky llama.

‘About noon, I was resting in the grass after a guided walk. While I was admiring the spectacular view, one of the llamas nearby started charging towards us. We thought he wanted food but instead he stopped and started posing – he obviously liked the attention! I managed to take just a few photos before someone drove him away – but I got the perfect shot. It always makes me smile ­– I think it really captures the character of this llama, cheeky, confident and fun. I was very lucky to get it against such a beautiful and iconic backdrop.'

Follow Grace on Instagram at @gfanglondon


Bhaktapur, Nepal

Francis Cox was on a photography trip to Nepal when he visited Bhaktapur in the Kathmandu Valley.

‘On the approach to the main square, we passed through small streets with shops selling local gifts. One shop stood out for me – it had a blue door with beads on display, and the most delightful man sat inside. I asked to take his photo and he obliged. Exactly 24 hours later, the earthquake hit. Each time I review my Nepal photo collection, I think of everyone who allowed me to share special moments like these with them. I’m hoping to return soon.’

Follow Francis on Twitter at @Hpoolcoxy and Instagram at @mrfcox

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