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Flickr challenge: ‘Quandary’ theme results

We’re starting to wrap things up before the holiday break, and this week’s challenge theme was ‘Quandary’. Like the quandaries we inevitably face each year while buying presents... or working out which way to wedge that oversized turkey into the oven... or how to navigate through that unexpected but memorable seasonal travel event!

With some excellent submissions and a week of community voting just concluded, here are the results.

This week's winners

Cusco. - Luke Sergent Uncertainty over which direction to take on the streets of Peru © Luke Sergent

The first winning shot is this great photo from Luke Sergent, snapped on an adventure wandering the streets of Cuzco, Peru. We love the way the image plays with our perspective, seeming almost surreal with its oblique angles and perfect cartoon sky in the background. Which way next…? What a fun quandary to be in!

Untitled - ross_123 Everything still to play for in a Cuban match of checkers © ross_123

Our second winner is ross_123 with this brilliant capture from the streets of central Havana, Cuba. We really like the unique overhead angle, allowing us to take in every aspect of the game and the postures of its participants. It’s looking like a fairly even game at the moment… we’re somewhat curious to know who won!

This week's runners-up

Untitled / Valencia / Maket - buiobuione A tempting array of choice on offer in a Valencian market © buiobuione

We feature buiobuione again this week with an appetising-looking dilemma from the Mercado Central in Valencia, Spain. It’s great to be able to see some of the beautiful architecture of the market building in the background, and we rather like expression on our subject’s face as he surveys the sea of healthy options.

Gunung Mulu, Borneo - Fergus Brooks Candid moments of private perplexity in Borneo © Fergus Brooks

This is a really fascinating shot from Fergus Brooks, captured in Sarawak. The first thing that strikes us is the gorgeous colour palette of rich greens and almost purple-grey, while the circling steps draw our focus down to the subject beautifully. This is another great use of an overhead angle, creating a candid and intriguing impression.

Life in the Shadows - g e c k t r e k A snapshot of life in an isolated part of Romania © g e c k t r e k

Our next runner up is g e c k t r e k with this photo from the traditional Saxon village of Malancrav, in Transylvania. The warm tone of the light creates a sepia effect, transporting the viewer back in time to a different sort of life. We also appreciate the inclusion of strongly contrasting shadows – they lend a haunting aspect to the image.

Too Many Choices - cherylcrawley Indecision over too many different tasty options in Italy © cherylcrawley

Next is a fun shot from cherylcrawley, which immediately reminds us of sun-drenched holidays in Italy. This particular appetising signpost comes from the Tuscan town of Prato, known for several local delicacies including biscotti and mortadella, but we’re not sure which way (if any) the signs seem to be pointing… a quandary indeed!

This week's staff pick

Bewildering but colourful at least ! - Ben Zabulis Bewildered by a rainbow of colourful choices in Japan © Ben Zabulis

Our pick is this colourful capture from Ben Zabulis on a visit to Naha in Okinawa. It reminds us of the bright displays we’ve encountered while travelling and browsing gifts for those back home, and the option paralysis we’ve invariably suffered as a result. How do you pick the right flavour when you’re not even sure what they all are?

You can view all the entries on our leaderboard. Next week’s theme is ‘Ten’, celebrating the 10th anniversary of our Flickr community.

Interested in joining in? There will be no more new challenges this year, but if you have a Flickr account you can vote on the submissions for the ‘Ten’ challenge until Tuesday 20 December – check out the competition page on Flickr for full details!