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Flickr challenge: ‘In’ theme results

Did you know we run a photo competition on Flickr? These weekly contests challenge our community of photographers to enter their best shot for a specified theme.

We’re currently paying tribute to the recent Best in Travel 2017 launch with a small series of three related challenges – ‘Best’, ‘In’ and ‘Travel’.

We had some great images for last week’s ‘Best’ challenge, and the ‘In’ competition has just finished. Let’s take a look at the results as decided by participant votes.

This week's winner

Into the frames - gauravr.jain45 Receding optical illusions in black and white © gauravr.jain45

This week’s winner is gauravr.jain45 with this clever grayscale shot. We appreciate the efforts made in framing and composition, especially when – after a few moments – it becomes clear the image border is actually yet another black door frame, creating a divide which places us ‘outside’ and our mysterious yet distant subject firmly ‘in’.

This week's runners-up

Delhi railway station-3 - naomipics A postcard of daily life on the Indian railway © naomipics

What an evocative capture by naomipics! Delhi railway station forms the backdrop for this wonderful snap of the commuter experience in India. We like the close up angle, focusing on a small section of four windows to maximum effect, and it’s fascinating to see the range of different moods and reactions written on the passengers’ faces.

Jungle pram - ross_123 When a normal pram doesn’t suit an Amazonian jungle route © ross_123

This is a great candid photo by ross_123, captured as a mother makes her way through the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador. We like the humorous interpretation of the week’s theme, and the limited depth of field helps centre our focus on the little one while the surrounding jungle recedes subtly into the background.

Leap of Faith - Udayan Sankar Pal A lone monkey frozen in the air, mid-jump © Udayan Sankar Pal

Udayan Sankar Pal makes it into the top images again this week, with another great piece of work in black and white. This mid-air monkey was snapped at a temple near Hampi in Karnataka, with evening approaching, and we admire both the dedication and timing necessary to capture a spontaneous moment such as this.

Chefchaouen - gerpower Step through this welcoming gateway into the blue... © gerpower

We love gerpower’s shot from the iconic Medina in Chefchaouen – it caught our eye immediately, and we’re happy to see it voted highly. It’s a fitting choice for the ‘In’ theme, and the juxtaposition between the plain gateway and its surreal blue vista create a stunning and surprising effect, inviting us in and inspiring our wanderlust!

Hiding - gornabanja Not the most effective hiding place for a Spanish gecko © gornabanja

Another excellent grayscale photo rounds out the top shots – this time from gornabanja, taken in the botanical gardens of Córdoba. We like the simplicity of the image and how the stark contrast between areas of light and shadow has been used to great effect in emphasising our critter companion’s silhouette.

This week's staff pick

Preflight Inspection - DelphPin The view from inside a hot-air balloon during pre-flight checks © DelphPin

Our pick of the remaining entries is this rhapsody in pink from DelphPin. The shot itself gives no hint of the incredible Peak District landscapes hidden on the other side of the balloon fabric, but this almost increases the image’s charm and appeal… as we allow our imagination to take flight instead, painting in the details of a stunning trip over the English countryside at sunrise.

You can check out the full collection of images on our leaderboard. Next week’s theme is ‘Travel’, and the week after will be ‘Mineral’.

Interested in taking part? We’re accepting entries for the ‘Mineral’ challenge until Tuesday 22 November – visit our Flickr challenge page to find out more!