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LP Pathfinders: top Instagrams from September 2016

This month's round-up doesn't have a central theme but rather showcases the breadth and depth of the amazing images our Pathfinders are able to capture. Local shop workers, quintessential sunsets and funny animals are just some of the featured subject matter.

Every month we share the most eye-catching captures from our community of Pathfinders. Here are our selections for September.

Black Lake, Durmitor National Park, Montenegro

A photo posted by Breathe With Us (@breathewus) on

‘Kotor is Montenegro's most famous place – yet Durmitor National Park, in the northern highlands of the country, is a must-visit for nature and outdoor lovers. It's so great that it was recognized as a World Heritage Site. This shot of the Black Lake was taken on an early morning hike from Žabljak, the small mountain village that serves as a gateway to the park.’ – Hugo and Cristina, @breathewus.

Why we like it: The three boats, almost symmetrical in the foreground, have the added bonus of being alternating colors. The high horizon line and reflection of the trees and the mountains seem to push the boats forward, inviting us to hop in and take a ride.

Tehran, Iran

A photo posted by Pantea F (@mypersiancorner) on

‘Getting fresh bread is a daily ritual in Iran. I stumbled across this baker who made barbari bread in a square shape instead of the traditional oblong shape. He was so organized, friendly, and above all worked with passion. I went in for one and ended up buying 10.’ – Pontia, @mypersiancorner.

Why we like it: A fantastically wonderful natural capture of a bread artisan at work. The overall composition of the image, the brown coloured breads on the wall and in the foreground along with the brown of the oven in the background create a great triangle around the baker.

Table Mountain, Cape Town

‘Some people call it a rodent, but we call it cute! This is a rock hyrax, and there are plenty of them laying in the sun on top of Table Mountain. This one is smiling at us – I guess he likes being photographed!’ – Natasha & Cameron, @theworldpursuit.

Why we like it: What a big personality this little guy has. Every time we see him we chuckle. Aside from being super cute, this image has great use of the rule of thirds. He is on the left third and a large rock formation, home to another cute critter, is on the right third. The horizon line of the image splits across the centre but since our little buddy is above that line and so close to the lens, he looks comically larger than life and just reinforces the cute factor.

Durbar Square, Kathmandu, Nepal

A photo posted by Jeff Johns (@jeffjohnsphoto) on

‘While filming our "48 Hours in Nepal" video earlier this month, we wanted to visit the historical area so damaged by the earthquake. While the temples are heavily damaged and now have to be supported, I stumbled upon this beautiful scene of a monk meditating amidst the pigeons and the rubble.’ – Jeff Johns, @jeffjohnsphoto.

Why we like it: Very rarely can photographers catch the 'decisive moment' as coined by the late and wonderful French photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson. The decisive moment is when all the stars in the universe align and a great photograph is achieved. In this image the bird is captured, wings open and mid flight, the monk is lined up perfectly under the support beams of the temple, the tops of the temples are within a blue and puffy cloud-filled sky and all of it combined creates a magnificent image frozen in time yet spanning centuries of meaning and understanding.

Camps Bay, Western Cape, South Africa

A photo posted by TravAgSta! (@senorabubu) on

‘Camps Bay sunsets are often amazing and the view from Maiden's Cove is one of the best, seeing Camps Bay and the beach nestled in the hills below the 12 apostles of Table Mountain National Park. The weather wasn't perfect and the clouds were really annoying, but just in time for sunset, the sun came out and we were happy as the remaining clouds fantastically reflected the setting sun and glowed in shades of orange to pink.’ – TravAgSta!, @senorabubu.

Why we like it: This muted colour palette of warm tones and the light on the mountains resemble a painting. Our eyes come into the image by way of the line of mountains in the top of the frame; reading left to right we follow that line diagonally across, and then zig-zag back through the image with the coastline and once again with the bank of grass. The image appears peaceful and calm, yet our eyes can't stay still as we move all around this picture-perfect sunset.

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