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Flickr challenge: ‘Bicycles’ theme results

Every week we host a photo competition for our Flickr community, challenging photographers to submit their best image on a specific theme.

In a cheeky nod to our recently released title Epic Bike Rides of the World, the most recent challenge theme was ‘Bicycles’. Here’s how the community voted.

This week's winner

Cycling Home - rovinglight A lone cyclist returning home at sunset in Myanmar © rovinglight

We love rovinglight’s winning image. It caught our eye immediately, and it seems the community feels the same because this shot outstripped the competition by a mile!

Often crowded with tourists and locals during peak hours, Myanmar’s iconic U-Bein Bridge has been captured here in the fading evening light. From the burning sunset colours to the beautifully crisp silhouette, there’s much to admire about this photo and we think it was an inspiring choice for the bicycle theme.

This week's runners-up

Xi'an, China - Square Lamb Locals travelling by bike in China © Square Lamb

Square Lamb’s clever use of black and white for this photo, taken in Xī'ān in the Shaanxi province, helps accentuate the wonderful texture of the stone roadway. The ornate lanterns lining the route lead our eyes off into the distance, and the foggy outlines of buildings in the background create an air of mystery.

Monks by bicycle - Sinisa78 A convoy of colourful monks in Nepal © Sinisa78

This shot from Sinisa78 captures a moment from everyday life in Nepal, as a small group of monks travel the road to Lumbini. We like comparing the various expressions on the faces of each of the monks, although the one leading the group appears to have his eyes closed… only temporarily, we hope!

Enjoying the sunset - Louise Denton Bicycles at sunset in Australia’s Northern Territory © Louise Denton

The pastel colours in this sunset shot from Darwin are subtly complemented by the orange tones in the rocks lining the coast. Louise Denton has also done a lovely job with the composition, leading our focus from the bikes in the foreground to the spectators enjoying the view before we finally settle on the delicate cloud structures.

Winter Cycles - nathanocracy An old bike frozen in time by Canada’s winter © nathanocracy

We like the simplicity of nathanocracy’s entry, and the strong contrast of the rusting metal against the snow. There’s lots to examine on the bike itself, and the dusting of white on the trees adds interest to the background. Mostly, though, this scene from Québec inspires us to think of snow-covered travel destinations and winter walks.

JH1_2420 - Javikon Enjoying a morning café break in Switzerland © Javikon

Another great grayscale photo in the runners-up, this time from Javikon. Taken in Zürich, this image depicts the morning habit of stopping at a café to read the paper, and we think it captures the atmosphere nicely. We also enjoy looking at some of the background details, including yet another bicycle reflected in the café window.

This week's staff pick

Gialova Lagoon, Messinia, Greece - Just for one summer A bicycle stands guard on the beach in Greece © Just for one summer

Our staff pick is this shot from the Gialova Lagoon in Greece. Just for one summer has made some great choices with the angle and composition, ensuring the bicycle really stands out as the hero of the photo. We like how the sunlight catches the waves and the sand, and the beautiful scenery behind makes us want to find out more about the Messinia region where the photo was taken.

You can check out all the entries on our leaderboard. Next week’s theme is ‘Contemplation’. Interested in taking part? Visit our Flickr challenge page to find out more!