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LP Pathfinders: top Instagrams from March 2016

Lonely Planet Pathfinders - top Instagrams from March 2016

It was all about strong focal points this month, with animals, fellow travellers and scenic sunsets taking centre stage in our Pathfinders’ Instagram shots.

Every month we share the most eye-catching and interesting captures from our Pathfinders community. Here are our selections for March.

Nairobi, Kenya

A photo posted by Eric Stoen (@travelbabbo) on

‘At the end of our 15 days in Africa we spent one night at Nairobi's Giraffe Manor. I had always wanted to stay here and it didn't disappoint! This photo shows my 10-year-old feeding a giraffe (through the window!) at breakfast.’ - Eric, @travelbabbo.

Why we like it: We like the framing of this shot and how friendly this giraffe is! It’s also great to see how these young explorers have been bitten by the travel bug.


A photo posted by Esther JuLee (@estherjulee) on

‘The Ice Caves in Iceland are so beautiful! I really appreciated this moment as they are constantly changing and are completely different everyday.’ - Esther, @estherjulee.

Why we like it: Despite it looking a little bit chilly, it’s seeing great photos of unusual experiences like this that makes us want to reach for our passports immediately!

Tulum beach, Mexico

A lovely long exposure shot of one of the piers at Tulum, Mexico. Despite it being quite cloudy overhead, there was some nice early evening light that I wanted to take advantage of, so I decided to take a walk along the beach when I came across this pier. I love how the rocks break the perfectly flat surface and give you different hues of blue.’ - Macca, @backpackermacca. Why we like it: There’s a sense of calm that we get when looking at this well framed shot; we’d love to escape there for a few moments of the day.

Zanzibar Island

Here I wanted to capture the warm red and orange glow of the sun when a group of fishermen made their way across the water. Together they painted an incredibly beautiful scene.’ - Max, @maxaroundtheglobe.

Why we like it: You just can't plan moments like these as a photographer, but Max has pretty much nailed it here. The colours in this photo are stunning and we like how they have silhouetted these fishermen.


‘Taking a right turn instead of following the crowd, we ended up at the back of the Taj Mahal. A lone boat was floating across the river and soon after we were given an unbeatable reflected view of this stunning monument.’ - Dan, @danflyingsolo.

Why we like it: Dan has taken a brilliant shot here. The composition of this photo with the local man in the foreground and the stunning Taj Mahal in the background paints a unique picture of a visit to this popular sight.

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