West Whale Bay


This beautiful pink-sand beach sits at the end of Whale Bay Rd, surrounded by precipitous cliffs and fringed by pine trees. You're likely to have its secluded coves largely to yourself; since it's not linked to the main string of South Shore beaches, few tourists stray here.

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1. Whale Bay Fort & Battery

0.07 MILES

With one of the most dramatic settings in Bermuda, this crescent-shaped fort on top of a hill overlooks West Whale Bay and much of the south coast. Built…

2. Somerset Bridge

1.58 MILES

The world's smallest drawbridge and a piece of iconic Bermudian architecture.

3. Church Bay


Take the steps down to this pretty beach with pink sand and sheltered nooks for sunbathing. It's one of Bermuda's best snorkeling spots, with boiler reefs…

4. Fort Scaur

2.06 MILES

With expansive views of Dockyard and the Great Sound from its lofty hilltop location, Fort Scaur was built in the 1860s and used throughout the 1920s. You…

5. Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

2.28 MILES

When it was erected in 1846, this 117ft lighthouse dramatically reduced the number of shipwrecks caused by running aground on reefs that encircle Bermuda…

6. Horseshoe Bay

3.04 MILES

The pristine white sand, a complete absence of rocks and seaweed, and calm cerulean waters of this wide crescent beach make it the most popular beach in…

7. Stonehole & Chaplin Bay

3.37 MILES

Linking Horseshoe Bay to the west with Jobson's Cove and Warwick Long Bay to the east, and accessible by footpaths through the dunes, these twin coves are…

8. Daniel's Head Beach Park

3.42 MILES

This peninsula juts out to the west of Somerset Village and comprises two beautiful beaches, one of which forms a half-moon around a tranquil lagoon…