Domaine Provincial de Chevetogne


Around 12km north of Rochefort, this 550-hectare park is a wonderland for families. Chevetogne is set with forest trails, a natural-history museum, various thematic gardens, lakes, a petting zoo, and staggering playgrounds (creekside play areas, tree houses, and a massive slide inside a Trojan Horse). The admission fee gives access to everything inside the park – including a swimming pool, canoes and kayaks, minigolf and a train-like shuttle around the park. With so much on offer, plan to make a full day of it.

Chevetogne has several on-site restaurants – including Le Heron, a pretty waterfront brasserie – as well as great spots for a picnic if you come prepared. It also has a hotel (doubles €130), chalets for hire (€200 for two nights) and various other lodging options. If you don't have wheels, bus 43/2 between Ciney and Mont-Gauthier stops there (weekdays only during school holidays).

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