In its later guises, the fortress moved the majority of its key installations underground. Fascinating visits, by tour only, walk you through some 500m of the citadel's web of dripping tunnels showing you never-tested 1939 gas-proof bunkers and clever Vauban architectural tricks. Guides help bring the past to life using audiovisual displays and 3D projections on the wall. Be ready for temperatures of around 13°C (55.4°F).

There's always at least one English-language tour per day from April to September (two daily in July and August). Call ahead or check online for the latest schedule.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Namur attractions

1. Terra Nova

0.03 MILES

The citadel’s central section is a 19th-century former barracks with a modern visitor centre exploring the history and architecture of this important…

2. Citadelle de Namur

0.03 MILES

Dominating the town, Namur's mighty fortress covers a whole hilltop with ramparts, tunnels and grey walls. What you see now is more 19th and 20th century…

3. Casino Building

0.14 MILES

Namur's belle époque casino dominates the riverfront below the citadel.

4. Musée Félicien Rops


Celebrated local artist Félicien Rops (1833–98), born a few streets away at Rue du Président 33, had a penchant for illustrating erotic lifestyles and…

5. Musée de Groesbeeck-de-Croix

0.32 MILES

In a very fine 1753 former abbot’s house are displays of decorative arts in 23 beautifully furnished rooms around a formal courtyard garden. Don’t miss…

6. Église St-Loup

0.36 MILES

Baudelaire reputedly described this remarkable baroque church as a ‘sinister and gallant marvel’. With purple marble columns, black stone arches,…

7. Musée Archéologique de Namur

0.38 MILES

Housed in the photogenic Halle al'Chair, this small two-level museum houses a collection of artifacts spanning more than 2500 years. Highlights include…

8. Halle al’Chair

0.38 MILES

Formerly the meat market, this 16th-century riverside building is one of few venerable structures to have survived Namur’s history of continual wartime…