Musée Archéologique de Namur


Housed in the photogenic Halle al'Chair, this small two-level museum houses a collection of artifacts spanning more than 2500 years. Highlights include Bronze Age jewellery, Roman-era mosaics and a Merovingian period (circa 7th century AD) skeleton with objects unearthed in Spontin (20km south of Namur).

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1. Halle al’Chair

Formerly the meat market, this 16th-century riverside building is one of few venerable structures to have survived Namur’s history of continual wartime…

2. Place d'Armes

0.06 MILES

Namur's central square has been marred by a 1980s department store yet still features the elegant stone-and-brick Palais des Congrès conference centre,…

3. Palais des Congrès

0.09 MILES

The elegant stone-and-brick Palais des Congrès conference centre was rebuilt in the 1930s with war reparations from Germany (the German army having…

4. ‘King of Liars’ Seat

0.11 MILES

This tiny stone seat is where the Roi des Menteurs (King of the Liars) is crowned during September's amusingly drunken Fêtes de Wallonie festivities.

5. Beffroi

0.11 MILES

In the centre of town lies the Unesco-listed Beffroi, a medieval stone fortress tower on which a clock spire was plonked in 1733. It houses a youth…

6. Église St-Loup

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Baudelaire reputedly described this remarkable baroque church as a ‘sinister and gallant marvel’. With purple marble columns, black stone arches,…

7. Musée Félicien Rops

0.24 MILES

Celebrated local artist Félicien Rops (1833–98), born a few streets away at Rue du Président 33, had a penchant for illustrating erotic lifestyles and…

8. Musée des Arts Anciens du Namurois

0.27 MILES

In an 18th-century mansion, this interesting museum displays old artworks from the local region, paintings by 16th-century artist Henri Blès and many…