Château Féodal

The Ardennes

La Roche’s picture-postcard 11th-century ruins look especially memorable floodlit on a foggy night when viewed from the Hotton road. There's not a great deal inside but the site makes for pleasant, steep strolls, and in July and August, looking up from the central bridge in town, you might apparently spot a ghost…at 10pm sharp!

In icy conditions the castle doesn't open and in heavy rain the ghost stays in her crypt.

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1. Musée de la Bataille des Ardennes

0.09 MILES

Waxwork scenes, maps and the odd video provide a competent, if unsophisticated, explanation of La Roche’s involvement in the wintry WWII Battle of the…

2. Grès de la Roche

0.14 MILES

Learn about La Roche’s two main cottage industries in an imaginative hour-long audio-guided tour. Press-and-sniff buttons add some fun as you're…

3. Parc à Gibier

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Parc à Gibier is typical of several Ardennes animal parks that are designed to introduce children to local wildlife, notably deer, wolves and wild boars…

4. Grottes de Hotton

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Hidden beneath partly wooded hills 1.7km southwest of Hotton, the Grottes de Hotton are some of Belgium’s most awesome caves. Sculpted grottoes sprout…

5. Brasserie d'Achouffe

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Some of the Ardennes’ best beers are brewed by rapidly expanding La Chouffe ('The Gnome'). The name, and hence the cartoon figures on each label, is a…

6. Fourneau St-Michel

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Some 10km north of St-Hubert towards attractive Nassogne village, Fourneau St-Michel is a superb open-air museum featuring around 50 historic buildings…

7. Le Labyrinthe

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Around 2km north Barvaux (6km east of Durbuy), every summer a sculpted labyrinth is cut into a maize field, following a different design each year. Allow…

8. Château de Durbuy

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At the heart of Durbuy is this fairly modest riverside castle that dates from 1756, the medieval original having been destroyed by the ravages of Louis…