Huis Ter Beurze


It's believed that the world's first stock exchange began in and around this 13th-century house. It's not open to the public, but the space is used for special events and functions.

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1. Frietmuseum

0.01 MILES

Follows the history of the potato from ancient Inca grave sites to the Belgian fryer. The entry fee includes a discount token for the basement frituur …

3. Choco-Story

0.11 MILES

This highly absorbing chocolate museum traces the cocoa bean back to its role as an Aztec currency. Learn about choco history, watch a video on cocoa…

4. Lumina Domestica

0.11 MILES

The enlightening Domestic Lamp Museum has over 6500 artefacts relating to domestic lighting throughout history, making it the largest collection of its…

5. Hans Memling Statue

0.13 MILES

The statue of Hans Memling was erected in 1874. The Flemish Primitive artist is buried in St Gilliskerk, a few blocks further north.

6. St-Jakobskerk

0.15 MILES

Originally built around 1420, St James' Church was significantly expanded into its present structure in 1459, but it wasn't until the late 17th and early…

7. Markt

0.17 MILES

The heart of ancient Bruges, the old market square is lined with pavement cafes beneath step-gabled facades. The buildings aren't always quite as medieval…

8. Historium

0.19 MILES

The Historium occupies a neo-Gothic building on the northern side of the Markt. The immersive one-hour audio and video tour aims to take you back to…