Sail Monument


This iconic sculpture, most likely a homage to the classic Bahraini dhows, overlooks a busy roundabout and is featured on the BD1 note. Unfortunately, it is difficult to reach and the pollution means it is not the most pleasant spot; if you are keen to take a picture, it's best to park near the Pakistani Embassy on Rd 1901.

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1. Beit Al Quran

0.16 MILES

The finest collection of ancient Qurans in the region, this wonderful homage to Islam's holiest book displays Qurans from almost every century since the…

2. Beit Al Quran Mosque

0.16 MILES

This delightful little mosque is integrated within the Beit Al Quran complex and is open even when the museum isn't. Often overlooked, it has one of the…

3. Bahrain National Museum

0.27 MILES

Deservedly the country's most popular attraction, this is an outstanding introduction to Bahrain's history, with signage in English and Arabic. It's…

4. Abu Bakr Al Sadiq Mosque

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This large, modern mosque is named after the second caliph of Islam and has an architectural style and interior common across the city. There are no…

6. World Trade Centre

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Built in 2008, these 240m-high, 50-floor office towers were inspired by the traditional badqeers (wind towers) seen in historic Bahraini homes. They are…

7. Yateem Mosque

1.16 MILES

Built in 1992 by Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa, this mosque is easily identified by its unique minaret, which (unusually for a mosque) also serves as a…

8. Jai Shri Khrishna Temple


This 200-year-old Hindu temple is the oldest in the Gulf and a testimony to Bahrain's ancient Indian community. Situated down a narrow alley in the heart…