Riffa Fort

Top choice in Bahrain

The completely restored Riffa Fort was built in 1812 by Sheikh Salman Bin Ahmad Al Fatih, the 19th-century ruler of Bahrain. A classic piece of Bahraini fortification, it now boasts a small museum with raised walkways leading through a series of interactive spaces that really enhance the visitor experience. A late-afternoon visit is particularly atmospheric, especially if it is finished off on the cafe's outdoor glass terrace overlooking the Hunayniyah Valley, just as the call to prayer engulfs it.

If you have the time, pop into the fort's mosque near the northern corner. This is usually left open outside of prayer times and was once part of the original complex, as alluded to by the restored architectural style. Riffa Fort is in the east of Riffa and is well signposted.

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