This photogenic village was built for semi-nomadic shepherds whose families only live here during the summer. Get off the ropeway between the third and fourth rides to take a stroll around. Despite some newer holiday homes, the upper village remains essentially unspoilt with several older stone houses and plenty of walking opportunities in the valley behind.

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Nearby Azerbaijan attractions

1. Seven Beauties Waterfall

5.07 MILES

Widely touted by tour companies, this series of modest cascades with wooden access stairs is pretty enough as a place to sit on a tea platform in the cool…

2. Old Gabala Site

14.26 MILES

Today's Qəbələ was renamed for an ancient city mentioned in Pliny the Elder’s Natural History (AD 77), and forgotten after it was destroyed by the 18th…

3. Cek

20.97 MILES

The minuscule village of Cek (pronounced 'Jek') is just a handful of farmsteads around a rocky knob that protrudes from a sweep of grassy mountainside…

4. Laza

21.04 MILES

Laza is a diffuse scattering of houses encircled by soaring mountains with grass-clad slopes and ribbon waterfalls cascading over perilous cliff edges. A…

5. Savalan Winery

21.12 MILES

With nearly 20 varietals, Savalan is Azerbaijan’s best-known wine brand. Visits, which must be pre-arranged, include an explanation of production, a…

6. Qrız

21.96 MILES

One of Northern Azerbaijan's most culturally intriguing villages, Qrız sits on the crag-top plateau that looks out across the cliffs above Çaygoşan. The…

7. İvanovka

22.15 MILES

Although lacking any real 'sights', this unique hilltop village is culturally Russian-Molokan and is about the last place in the country to maintain its…

8. Çaygoșan

22.71 MILES

One of the most dramatic stretches of the Quba–Xınalıq road starts when it enters a deep, narrow canyon at around Km 34.5. It emerges over 2km later at an…