The towers surviving from the old fortifications include the step-gabled Churertor, once the gateway to the bridge that was used to transport salt across the Ill River to Switzerland.

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Nearby Vorarlberg attractions

1. Katzenturm

0.09 MILES

Part of the original town fortifications, the 40m-high Katzenturm, built in 1507, is where Vorarlberg’s biggest bell, weighing 7500kg, still dongs.

2. Domkirche St Nikolaus

0.17 MILES

Identified by a slender spire, Feldkirch’s cathedral has a large, forbidding interior complemented by late-Gothic features and dazzling stained glass. The…

3. Mühletor

0.19 MILES

The Mühletor is also known as the Sautor, where the pig market was held in the Middle Ages

4. Schattenburg

0.27 MILES

This 13th-century hilltop castle is storybook stuff with its red turrets and creeping vines. It’s a steep climb up to the ramparts, which command far…

5. Wildpark

0.65 MILES

Facing the castle across the town is Ardetzenberg (631m), a heavily forested hill. At its northern end is this wildlife park, with a woodland trail, an…

6. Hinterschellenberg

1.64 MILES

Hinterschellenberg briefly entered the stream of world history when about 500 Russian soldiers who had fought on the German side in WWII crossed the…

7. Mitteldorf

7.39 MILES

To see how Vaduz once looked, amble north of town to Mitteldorf. Its streets form a charming quarter of traditional houses and rose-strewn gardens…

8. Hofkellerei


A short walk northwest from the centre of town leads through the vineyards to the Prince of Liechtenstein's wine cellar. It is only possible to sample the…