Käse-Molke Metzler


This architecturally innovative dairy churns out fresh Wälderkäsle ('forest cheese') among others, arranges farm tours and tastings (adult/child €19.50/10) and runs four-hour cheese-making workshops (€69). Kids will love the pen where goats and cows hang out. If you'd like to try milking them as well, the price is €25/12.50 per adult/child. See the website for exact dates and times; booking is essential.

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Nearby Vorarlberg attractions

1. Werkraum


The brainchild of much-lauded Pritzker Prize–winning architect Peter Zumthor, the slickly minimalist Werkraum, with its low-rise, timber-and-concrete,…

2. Käsekeller Lingenau

1.68 MILES

Step into the foyer of this modern cheese-maturation cellar to glimpse robots attending to wagon wheel–sized cheeses through a glass wall. It's famous for…

3. Angelika Kauffmann Museum

1.76 MILES

This ultramodern museum houses rotating exhibitions in summer of Swiss-Austrian neoclassical painter Angelika Kauffmann’s works. The artist had strong…

4. Rolls-Royce Museum

5.63 MILES

Situated at the bottom of Rappenlochschlucht and ensconced in a 19th-century cotton mill, this museum harbours the world’s largest collection of Rolls…

5. Altstadt


Dornbirn’s compact old town centres on the Marktplatz¸ where your gaze is drawn to the crooked, 17th-century Rotes Haus, which owes its intense red hue to…

6. Inatura


Dornbirn’s biggest draw is this hands-on museum. It’s a wonderland for kids who can pet (stuffed) foxes and handle (real) spiders, whip up tornadoes,…

7. Alpine Game Park Pfänder

7.86 MILES

At the top of the Pfänder, a 30-minute circular trail brings you close to deer, wild boar, ibex and whistling marmots at the year-round Alpine Game Park…

8. Oberstadt

7.87 MILES

Slung high above the lake is the Oberstadt, Bregenz’ tiny old town of winding streets, candy-coloured houses and flowery gardens. It’s still enclosed by…