Genuss Festival at Stadtpark.

Krzysztof Dydynski


Schloss Belvedere to the Canal

Opened in 1862, the Stadtpark is a tranquil pocket of greenery, with winding paths and willow-tree-rimmed duck ponds. It's great for strolling or relaxing in the sun and a favourite lunchtime escape for Innere Stadt workers. The park spans the Wien River, which empties into the Danube Canal.

The most famous of the several statues inhabiting the park (including Schindler, Bruckner and Schubert) is the much-photographed Johann Strauss Denkmal, a golden statue of a violin-playing Johann Strauss the Younger under a white arch.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Schloss Belvedere to the Canal attractions

1. Museum für Angewandte Kunst

0.25 MILES

MAK is devoted to craftsmanship and art forms in everyday life. Each exhibition room showcases a different style, which includes Renaissance, baroque,…

2. Franziskanerkirche

0.26 MILES

This Franciscan church is a glorious architectural deception. Outside it exudes the hallmarks of an early-17th-century Renaissance style, yet inside it is…

3. Haus der Musik

0.28 MILES

The Haus der Musik explains the world of sound and music to adults and children alike (in English and German) in an amusing and interactive way. Exhibits…

4. Mozarthaus Vienna

0.31 MILES

The great composer spent close to three happy and productive years at this residence between 1784 and 1787. Exhibits include copies of music scores and…

5. Schwarzenbergplatz

0.32 MILES

A fountain (sometimes rainbow-kissed when the sun is out) gushes on Schwarzenbergplatz, a grand square flanked to the north by a statue of Karl von…

6. Dominikanerkirche

0.32 MILES

Vienna's oldest baroque church (consecrated in 1634) is largely the work of Italian architects and artisans, with a spacious interior adorned with white…

7. Dr-Ignaz-Seipel-Platz

0.32 MILES

Formerly known as Universitätsplatz (University Square), this was once the heart of Vienna’s old university quarter. Today, the Austrian Academy of…

8. Literaturmuseum

0.33 MILES

An 1844 Biedermeier building houses Austria's literature museum, which opened in 2015. It contains books, manuscripts, letters, photos, illustrations and…