Haus der Musik

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The Haus der Musik explains the world of sound and music to adults and children alike (in English and German) in an amusing and interactive way. Exhibits are spread over four floors and cover everything about how sound is created, from Vienna's Philharmonic Orchestra to street noises. The staircase between floors acts as a piano; its glassed-in ground-floor courtyard hosts musical events. After 8pm, adult admission drops to €6.50.

Floor 1 hosts the Museum of the Vienna Philharmonic. Find out about the history of the orchestra's famous New Year's concerts and listen to recent concert highlights. You can even compose your own waltz by rolling dice. Floor 2, called the Sonosphere, has plenty of engaging instruments, interactive toys and touch screens.

Floor 3 covers Vienna’s classical composers and is polished off with an amusing interactive video in which you conduct the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Floor 4 has the so-called Virtostage in which your own body language and movements shape the music to create an opera.

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