The Salzkammergut

Carved in 1753 as part of the Pfarrkirche, this pulpit depicts the miracle of the fishes from the New Testament. It's a rather glam and glowing baroque take on this Bible story that is chiefly about the notion of spiritual plenty but obviously appealed to 18th-century fishermen in a more literal manner.

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1. Seeschloss Ort

4.56 MILES

This castle, set just beyond the lake's edge and reached by a walkway, is believed to have been built on the ruins of a Roman fortress. It dates from 909…

2. Schloss Weyer

4.87 MILES

This palace contains a good collection of Meissen porcelain, silver and jewellery, and has specialised temporary exhibitions dedicated to the same.

3. K-Hof

5.07 MILES

A double act that combines with one of Austria’s most unusual and refreshing museums, the Museum for Sanitary Objects (Klo & So), the K-Hof museum complex…

4. Pfarrkirche

5.16 MILES

North of the Rathausplatz lies the 12th-century Pfarrkirche, a Gothic church later remodelled in baroque style. The altar, by the sculptor Thomas…

5. Gustav Klimt Zentrum

11.44 MILES

High-tech multimedia exhibits provide an overview of symbolist painter Gustav Klimt's life and works on the Attersee, which for Klimt fans is comparable…

6. Gustav Klimt-Themenweg

11.45 MILES

This 2km-long lakeside trail has information boards with prints of works by Gustav Klimt. The Vienna Secessionist painter spent regular spells on the…

7. Kaiservilla

11.96 MILES

Franz Josef’s sprawling summer residence, the Italianate-style Kaiservilla, was an engagement present for him and his princess-to-be, Elisabeth of Bavaria…

8. Lehár Villa

12.2 MILES

This pink villa was the home of opera composer Franz Lehár and is a picture of late-Imperial-era Austria in all its stuffy glory. Left exactly as Lehár…