The fascinating Salzbergwerk (salt mine) is situated high above Hallstatt on Salzberg (Salt Mountain) and is the lake's major cultural attraction. The bilingual German–English tour details how salt is formed and the history of mining, and takes visitors down into the depths on miners' slides – the largest is 60m (on which you can get your photo taken).

The Hallstätter Hochtal (Hallstatt High Valley) near the mine was also an Iron Age burial ground. An audio guide (€5), available from the base station of the funicular, takes you through the numbered stations and explains the site and rituals of burial.

The funicular is the easiest way up to the mountain station, from where the mine is 15 minutes’ walk; a switchback trail takes about 40 minutes to walk. Another option is to take the steps behind the Beinhaus and follow the trail until it joins the picturesque Soleleitungsweg; go left and follow the very steep trail past the waterfall and up the steps. It’s a tough climb, and not really for children.

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Nearby Hallstatt attractions

1. Beinhaus


This small ossuary contains rows of neatly stacked skulls, painted with decorative designs and the names of their former owners. Bones have been exhumed…

2. Weltkulturerbe Museum

0.62 MILES

This multimedia museum has a strong focus on the region’s history of Iron Age/Celtic settlement and salt mining, taking you through 26 stations of…

3. Dachsteinsport Janu

0.63 MILES

Celtic and Roman excavations can be seen downstairs in Dachsteinsport Janu, where there's a free exhibition that gets a little kitsch at times but…

4. Krippenstein

3.88 MILES

From Obertraun you can catch a cable car to Krippenstein (2109m), where you'll find the 5 Fingers viewing platform, which protrudes over a sheer cliff…

5. Dachstein Caves


Climb to the Dachstein caves (Dachsteinhöhlen) and you’ll find yourself in a strange world of ice and subterranean hollows, extending 80km in some places…

6. Dachstein Eispalast

6.56 MILES

Situated in a crevice of the Dachstein Glacier along a sheer cliff face, the Eispalast creates the strange effect of walking through an enormous, hollow…

7. Kammerhof Museum

7.62 MILES

Kammerhof Museum, housed in a beautiful 17th-century building, covers local history and salt production. It also has some portraits of Anna Plöchl, the…

8. Salzwelten Altaussee

7.74 MILES

Situated near the Altaussee about 6km north of Bad Aussee, this working salt mine was the secret hiding place for art treasures stolen by the Nazis during…