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Whether you've come to swim with the leviathans, snorkel off the Ningaloo Reef or bushwalk in Cape Range National Park, Exmouth makes a terrific base.

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Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark Snorkeling Adventure from Exmouth

Your whale shark adventure begins at approximately 7.30am with pickup from your accommodation in Exmouth by air-conditioned bus. Travel by road for approximately 30-minutes to to Tantabiddi Boat Ramp where your boat and crew await. By 9am you'll be snorkeling on the beautiful Ningaloo Reef. A spotter plane begins looking for whale sharks and once spotted, your whale shark experience begins with the opportunity of swimming with the gentle giants of the Ningaloo Reef. Morning tea, afternoon tea and a full buffet lunch are included, as well as refreshments throughout the day. The tour ends with a few more swims on the Ningaloo Reef, before heading back to your accommodation at approximately 4pm. Snorkel gear, wetsuit and floating noodles (as required) are all included in the price.For those who do not want to swim with whale sharks, please select the observer option at the time of booking. You will still have the opportunity to snorkel amongst the other amazing marine life on Ningaloo Reef.

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Afternoon Ningaloo Reef Kayaking and Snorkeling Tour

Ningaloo Reef has gained an impressive reputation as one of Earth’s last ocean paradises. The reef is 320 km long and is Australia's largest fringing coral reef and the only large reef positioned very close to the mainland. It can range from 150 metres to 15 kilometres offshore and encompasses a massive 5,000 square kilometres of ocean with 500 species of tropical fish and 220 species of coral in all. Ningaloo Reef is famous for swimming with whale sharks, its superb for snorkelling and diving.During winter months, the reef is part of the migratory routes for manta rays and humpback whales and it's home to dolphins and dugongs. The beaches of the reef are an important breeding ground of the loggerhead, green and hawksbill turtles. You'll also be amazed by the huge variety of wildlife, both marine and terrestrial The sheltered lagoons have the clearest turquoise water imaginable. Within the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park there are numerous sanctuary zones, totalling 34% of the total area, all with outstanding natural features and attractions.The snorkelling on offer is phenomenal. Inside the reef it is rarely more than four meters deep, perfect for even novice snorkelers. You guide will help you discovere some excellent “Un-named” snorkel spots that are accessible only by kayak.

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Swim with Whale Sharks Adventure Day from Exmouth

When can you swim with Whale Sharks?We lead guided small group tours offering the chance to swim with the Whale Sharks through April to July, when you have the best chance of seeing a Whale Shark up close. Between March and August each year, Whale Sharks journey to the Ningaloo Reef to feed on plankton attracted by the mass spawning of coral. The clear waters and visibility of the North West make for perfect conditions to swim with a Whale Shark as they cruise just below the surface, allowing you the opportunity to snorkel alongside them.Why choose our Whale Shark Tours? If you are wondering which Whale Shark experience to select on the Ningaloo Reef, the difference between us and everyone else is numbers. Our focus at Live Ningaloo is on offering small group tours, to allow the greatest amount of interaction between you and the Whale Sharks.  We host a maximum of 10 guests on each Whale Shark swimming adventure, giving you the most intimate and bespoke tour experience, the greatest flexibility, and the most time in the water. You’ll be able to interact closely with these beautiful creatures as you snorkel and swim beside them in the warm, clear waters of the Indian Ocean.  The Ningaloo Reef is home to abundant sea life and you may also spot dugongs, turtles, Humpback Whales, blue whales, minke whales, orcas, dolphins, manta rays, stunning tropical fish and many types of coral on your adventure.Who are our Bespoke Whale Shark Tours suitable for? Although huge, with adults measuring between 12 to 18 metres long, Whale Sharks are completely harmless.  Our Whale Shark swimming tours are suited to a range of ages and swimming abilities and we accept confident swimmers from 10 years of age. You do not need to be able to SCUBA dive to swim with Whale Sharks, as they swim close to the surface. Swimmers should be able to snorkel, swim freestyle and cope with currents and swell in the open ocean, and we can also provide flotation devices to assist those who require. We may accept younger children who are very competent swimmers to swim with Whale Sharks and can also cater to some special needs and movement restrictions – please contact us to discuss.  Passengers can also participate in our tours as an ‘observer’. Please note that one parent must accompany children on board the boat at all times.Where can I join this tour? Our luxury vessel, Wave Rider, departs from Tantabiddi Boat Ramp just north of the Cape Range National Park entrance in Exmouth. Complimentary transfers are provided to and from Exmouth township for your tour. Advance Bookings for all tours are essential. Due to the small, intimate scale of our tours with a maximum of 10 places, we recommend booking several months in advance to avoid disappointment particularly during peak periods including Easter Holidays, April, and July.

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Swim with Humpback Whales Adventure Day from Exmouth

When can you swim with Humpback Whales?Each year, Humpback Whales begin their epic migration northwards from the cold waters of Antarctica, to the tropical waters of Broome, Western Australia. Their migration is one of the longest of any mammal in the world at approximately 6,700km long, and lasts for up to 8 months. The Exmouth Gulf, where all life on Ningaloo Reef starts, provides an important transition area for the whales, measuring up to 18m long and weighing as much as 40 tonnes, and offers one of the best chances to see them up close.We will be offering our Humpback Whale Swimming Tours as part of a limited trial from 1 August to 31 October 2018, when thousands of Humpbacks are expected to again pass through the Ningaloo Marine Park. From being an endangered species, conservation efforts are estimated to have boosted the migrating population of Humpbacks to around 30,000, resulting in the species being delisted as endangered – great news for the whales and for those who are passionate about wildlife. Why choose our Humpback Whale swimming tours?Live Ningaloo are the specialists in bespoke boat tours of beautiful Ningaloo reef. Our mission is to give you the best possible experience of our world-famous Ningaloo marine park. If you’ve been dreaming of an up-close encounter swimming beside a giant Humpback, join us. Our authentic Ningaloo boat tours from Exmouth have a maximum of ten guests, giving you the most personalised tour experience. The Ningaloo Reef is a biodiversity hotspot, rich in aquatic life. You never know what you’ll find from one day to the next. We’ll tailor your excursion to create an intimate, once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll treasure.On our tour, you’ll be able to interact closely with magnificent Humpbacks, the acrobats of the ocean. We will escort groups of five at a time to snorkel and swim within a safe distance of them. The whales, measuring up to 18m long and weighs as much as 40 tonnes, and are easy to spot as they exhibit behaviours such as breaching, slapping the water with their tales (flukes) and fins, and blowing streams of water up to 6 metres in the air.The Ningaloo Reef is home to abundant sea life and you may also spot dugongs, turtles, Whale Sharks, blue whales, minke whales, orcas, dolphins, manta rays, stunning tropical fish and many types of coral on your adventure.Please note: we are currently taking bookings for the 2018 Swim with Humpback Whale Adventure Day Tours only. Bookings for future years must await trial extension confirmation. 

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2.5 hour Snorkel tours on the Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productPass By: Bundegi Beach, Exmouth, Western AustraliaTours depart from Bundegi Beach from which we can quickly round the Cape to see the Navy Pier and wreck of the SS Mildura as we search for coral gardens to explore and wildlife such as turtles, dolphins whales and much more.

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Full day snorkel and wildlife interaction tour

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productPass By: Muiron Islands, Exmouth, Western AustraliaThe stunning Muiron Islands are situated approximately 15 km off the NW Cape. These uninhabited islands have been protected for many years and provide a peaceful sanctuary for a myriad of species of marine and bird life. A fantastic place to explore the stunning snorkel sites and search for wildlife to interact with. With a stop for lunch on an isolated beach with turquoise waters this tour will be an experience to remember with a great combination of adventure and relaxation. Stop At: Ningaloo Reef, Ningaloo, Western AustraliaExplore the pristine waters of the Ningaloo Reef in comfort and style. Our tour is dedicated to snorkeling only on a vessel with shallow draft and high speed capable of taking you to places other vessels can not access, in comfort and style.Duration: 7 hours