Museum of the Great Southern

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Encompassing the Eclipse building, the Residency Museum and Brig Amity, this regional museum is a terrific introduction to Albany's history. The Eclipse building has a children's discovery section, a lighthouse exhibition and excellent visiting displays. The restored 1850s home of the resident magistrate illuminates Minang Noongar history, local natural history and seafaring stories, while Brig Amity is a life-sized replica of the ship that brought the original European settlers to this region.

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1. Albany Residency Museum

0.02 MILES

Part of the Museum of the Great Southern, and built in the 1850s as the home of the resident magistrate, the museum has displays telling seafaring stories…

2. Old Gaol

0.04 MILES

The 1851 Old Gaol was originally a hiring depot for ticket-of-leave convicts, and a civil gaol from 1872. Experience the 'black hole' isolation cell,…

3. Brig Amity

0.05 MILES

This full-scale replica of the brig that carried Albany's first British settlers from Sydney in 1826 was completed for the city's 150th anniversary. You…

4. Courthouse

0.13 MILES

This granite and red-brick building (1898) is part of Albany's historical precinct.

5. Patrick Taylor Cottage

0.14 MILES

Believed to be the oldest colonial dwelling in WA, this 1832 wattle-and-daub cottage is packed with antiques, freaky mannequins and displays on its former…

8. Desert Mounted Corps Memorial

0.85 MILES

Memorial to WWI soldiers who fought at the Nek in the Gallipoli campaign of 1915. The memorial was originally erected in Port Said, Egypt. However, it was…