Coastal artillery gun with visitors at Princess Royal Fortress on the top of Mount Adelaide.

Bruce Yuanyue Bi/Getty

As a strategic port, Albany was historically regarded as being vulnerable to attack. Built in 1893 on Mt Adelaide, this fort was initially constructed as a defence against potential attacks from the Russians and French, and the restored buildings, gun emplacements and views are very interesting. From the fortress take the Convoy Walk for excellent views of King George Sound and signage showing where each ship was anchored before its departure to the Egypt and Gallipoli campaigns of WWI.

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1. National Anzac Centre

0.09 MILES

Opened for Albany's Anzac centenary commemorations in late 2014, this superb museum remembers the men and women who left by convoy from Albany to fight in…

2. Albany Heritage Park

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Inaugurated in 2014, the Albany Heritage Park incorporates the National Anzac Centre, Princess Royal Fortress, Padre White Lookout, Desert Mounted Corps…

3. Desert Mounted Corps Memorial

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Memorial to WWI soldiers who fought at the Nek in the Gallipoli campaign of 1915. The memorial was originally erected in Port Said, Egypt. However, it was…

4. Mt Clarence

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There are fine views over the coast and inland from Mt Clarence, which sits atop the Albany Heritage Park. On top of Mt Clarence is the Desert Mounted…

5. Old Farm at Strawberry Hill

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National Trust–owned Strawberry Hill is one of the oldest farms in WA, established in 1827 as the town's government farm. The homestead (1836) features…

8. Courthouse

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This granite and red-brick building (1898) is part of Albany's historical precinct.