Waterloo Beach

The East Coast

The bigger of Swansea's two town beaches has more sand than the other one (Jubilee Beach), but the bay here is still fairly shallow and seaweed-prone. If you're looking for a bracing swim, you'll be better off in Freycinet National Park.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby The East Coast attractions

1. East Coast Heritage Museum

0.24 MILES

Inside Swansea’s original schoolhouse, this engaging little museum covers Aboriginal artefacts, colonial and convict history, whaling and the plight of…

2. Jubilee Beach

0.27 MILES

Swansea's central town beach (the smaller of two beaches here) is a fairly demure affair – shallow, with lots of seaweed. But hey, a beach is a beach if…

3. Morris' General Store

0.28 MILES

A multi-storey bluestone-and-brick special, the 1838 Morris’ General Store is the biggest object in Swansea. And it's still selling stuff – these days it…

4. All Saints Anglican Church


There are many still-functioning historic buildings in Swansea, including the 1871 All Saints Anglican Church.

5. Bark Mill Museum

0.63 MILES

Out the back of the Bark Mill Tavern & Bakery, this museum explains the processing of black wattle bark to obtain tannin for tanning leathers. The mill…

6. Spiky Bridge

4.33 MILES

About 7km south of Swansea is the rather amazing Spiky Bridge, built by convicts in the early 1840s using thousands of local fieldstones (yes, they're…

7. Spring Vale Wines

6.83 MILES

Down a looong driveway in Cranbrook, 15km north of Swansea, this winery is on land owned by the same family since 1875. The cellar door is housed in an…

8. Milton Vineyard

7.06 MILES

Milton is 13km north of Swansea, with tastings in an elegant, white weatherboard pavilion presiding over the vines. Sip some sparkling rosé and enjoy a…