Allendale Gardens


Allendale Gardens is the life’s work and passion of green-fingered Max and Lorraine Cross, who created and nurture it. Here you can wander through an incredible variety of trees and flowering plants – there’s the glorious birch walk, a spectacular dahlia-and-rose garden, a wisteria pergola, spring blossoms, autumn colours and a panoply of trees, from Himalayan spruces to redwoods, tulip trees and the exquisite Chinese dove tree.

Allen Creek ripples its way through the gardens, crossed by six bridges. There’s also a peaceful stand of rainforest where you can admire towering old-growth stringybarks, spot a rare creeping fern and perhaps see platypuses in the creek. You should then indulge in tea, scones and cream in the teahouse, with lashings of Max’s homemade raspberry and blackberry jams.

The gardens are signposted off Blanch Rd (which is off the B22), 12km south of Smithton towards Edith Creek.

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