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Bruny Island

Bruny Island is effectively two islands tied together by a string-thin, 5km-long sandy isthmus called the Neck. Renowned for its wildlife (little penguins, echidnas, muttonbirds), the island's two halves – North Bruny and South Bruny – exude very different characters: the rural north and, luring most visitors, the rugged south with its high cliffs, beaches and national park, which runs a frame around much of South Bruny's coast. Access is via a short car-ferry chug from Kettering to North Bruny.

Bruny’s coastal scenery is magical, showing itself off on beautiful walking tracks around Fluted Cape, Labillardiere Peninsula, Cape Queen Elizabeth and surf-slapped Cloudy Bay. The calories are quickly replenished by the island's revered cheeses, oysters, wine and whisky.

Too many visitors cram their Bruny experience into one day: if you can handle the peace and quiet, stay a few days. Bruny Island takes hold slowly, then tends not to let go.

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