Covering roughly 36,000 hectares, D'Aguilar National Park (pronounced 'dee-ag-lar') lies only 10km northwest of central Brisbane. Its mix of open eucalypt woodlands, scribbly gum forests and subtropical rainforests harbour over 800 plant species, including rare and threatened species. Maps are available at the Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre, located at the park's entrance. Also here is the South East Queensland Wildlife Centre, where you can observe a resident platypus, plus turtles, lizards, pythons and gliders. There’s also a cafe.

Walking trails in the park range from a few hundred metres to a 24km-long loop. Among them is the 6km-return Morelia Track at Manorina day-use area and the 4.3km Greenes Falls Track at Mt Glorious. Mountain biking and horse riding are also options. You can camp in the park too, in remote, walk-in bush camp sites. There are a couple of walks (1.5km and 5km return) kicking off from the visitor centre, but other walks are a fair distance away (so you’ll need your own wheels).

It's 25 minutes by bus from Roma St Station to The Gap Park 'n' Ride, then a further 650m walk up the road.