Crocosaurus Cove

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in Darwin
Image by David Wall Photo / Getty Images
Image by David Wall Photo / Getty Images

If the tourists won't go out to see the crocs, then bring the crocs to the tourists. Right in the middle of Mitchell St, Crocosaurus Cove is as close as you'll ever want to get to these amazing creatures. Six of the largest crocs in captivity can be seen in state-of-the-art aquariums and pools, while you can be lowered right into a pool with the crocs in the transparent Cage of Death (one/two people $170/260).

If that's too scary, there's another pool where you can swim with a clear tank wall separating you from some mildly less menacing baby crocs. Other aquariums feature barramundi, turtles and stingrays, plus there's an enormous reptile house (allegedly displaying the greatest variety of reptiles in the country).