October 6, 2017: High angle view of Bicentennial Park in Darwin.

©EA Given/Shutterstock

Bicentennial Park runs the length of Darwin's waterfront and Lameroo Beach, which inhabits a sheltered cove popular in the '20s when it housed the saltwater baths, and was traditionally a Larrakia camp area. Shaded by tropical trees, the park is an excellent place to stroll.

At the Herbert St end there's a cenotaph commemorating Australians' service to the country's war efforts, from those who lost their lives in WWI to the Aboriginal men and women whose bush skills assisted the Army in protecting the remote northern coastline during WWII. Also honoured are 200 Remarkable Territorians: hand-painted tiles in panels dispersed intermittently along the Esplanade commemorate some of the Territory's 'quiet achievers', including pioneers, publicans and pastoralists.