Hosted by the Indo-Pacific Marine Exhibition, this evening includes a tour of the aquarium, seafood dinner (on biodegradable plates, no less!) and an impressive show of fluorescing animals.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Darwin attractions

2. Royal Flying Doctor Service

0.22 MILES

This outstanding museum on Stokes Hill Wharf is the way all museums should be. There's a 55-seat hologram cinema, virtual-reality glasses that enable you…

3. WWII Oil-Storage Tunnels

0.34 MILES

You can escape from the heat of the day and relive your Hitchcockian fantasies by walking through the WWII oil-storage tunnels. They were built in 1942 to…

4. Chinese Museum & Chung Wah Temple

0.47 MILES

This excellent little museum explores Chinese settlement in the Top End. The adjacent temple has a hushed interior, punctuated by scarlet lanterns and…

5. Parliament House


At the southern end of Mitchell St is the elegantly boxlike Parliament House, which opened in 1994. Reminiscent of Southeast Asian colonial architecture,…

6. Cenotaph

0.69 MILES

Commemorates Australian servicemen and women.

7. Lyons Cottage

0.73 MILES

Just across the road from Bicentennial Park, Lyons Cottage was built in 1925. It was Darwin's first stone residence, formerly housing executives from the…

8. Lameroo Beach

0.77 MILES

Darwin's only downtown beach, unless you count the sliver of sand at the waterfront precinct… It's sheltered from the city on the hill above by vegetation.