Established during the 1960s, MUMA’s art collection has over 1800 works, and they’re a great representation of Australian contemporary art.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Melbourne attractions

1. Jewish Holocaust Centre


Dedicated to the memory of the six million Jews who lost their lives during the Holocaust, this well-presented museum was set up by survivors as a…

2. Justin Art House Museum

2.81 MILES

The geometric, zinc-clad home of Melbourne art collectors Charles and Leah Justin doubles as the Justin Art House Museum. Book ahead for a tour of the…

3. Artists Lane

3.36 MILES

Running parallel to Chapel St is Artists Lane (Aerosol Alley to southsiders), a long bluestone alley splattered in street art. The project was initiated…

4. St Kilda Botanical Gardens

3.45 MILES

Taking pride of place on the southern side of the Barkly–Carlisle–Blessington Sts triangle, the Botanical Gardens are an unexpected haven from St Kilda's…

5. Como House & Garden

3.54 MILES

A wedding cake of Australian Regency and Italianate architecture, this elegant colonial residence is Melbourne heritage royalty. Dating from 1847, it…

6. Jewish Museum of Australia

3.54 MILES

Interactive displays and timelines tell the history of Australia’s Jewish community from the earliest days of European settlement, while permanent…

7. Prahran Market

3.63 MILES

Prahran Market is a Melbourne institution and foodie paradise. The facade – designed by Charles D'Ebro in Queen Anne revival style – dates back to 1891…

8. Elwood Beach

3.69 MILES

A short drive or a concerted foreshore walk will take you to this swimming beach. Usually less windswept, though often no less crowded, than St Kilda…