Entrance to zoo at Lady Denman Dr, Weston Creek

©George Francis Dunford/Lonely Planet

It's certainly not the biggest in Australia, but Canberra's zoo is well laid out and animal friendly, with native fauna such as Tasmanian devils and dingoes to keep the kids amused. It also offers various behind-the-scenes experiences where you can help to feed the sharks, lions, tigers and bears, and interact with rhinos and cheetahs.

A new adventure playground, opened in 2019, includes life-size models of animals such as giraffes and camels and is great fun for kids.

Another unique offering is the chance to stay in the luxurious on-site Jamala Wildlife Lodge (www.jamalawildlifelodge.com.au), where you might find a giraffe leaning over your balcony or a tiger eyeing you through the window of your bedroom.

To get here, catch bus 180 or 181 from the Civic bus interchange.

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