Here at Lonely Planet, we love seeing the world and finding new experiences. But we also have a few opinions. From thoughts about food (we have A LOT of opinions about food) to who gets the middle-seat arm rests, these are Lonely Planet staffers' unpopular travel opinions.

People admiring Michelangelo's statue of David in the Galleria dell'Accademia. © Jon Davison / Lonely Planet

When it comes to art, if you've seen one Warhol (or Banksy, or Michaelangelo) you've seen them all. – Anna Hider, Commercial Copywriter

An open-top bus in Lisbon
An open-top tourist bus in Portugal ©Greg Elms/Lonely Planet

An opentop bus tour is the best way to see a city. – Fin McCarthy, Editorial Director

A center aisle in an airplane
©Surachet Jo/Shutterstock

You shouldn't be allowed to bring your own cooked food on airplanes. – Fahima Anwar, Lead, Social Strategy

Fast food signs in Las Vegas
© Jerry Alexander / Lonely Planet

It's fine to eat fast food – that can be a local experience, too. – Meghan O'Dea, Commercial Content Editor

A large bazaar
©Ayhan Altun/Getty Images

Asking someone to bring you back a souvenir is rude. – Alicia Johnson, Digital Editor

A slice of Chicago deep dish pizza
©supitchamcsdam/Getty Images

Chicago deep dish isn't pizza. – Alexander Howard, Lead Editor, Homepage

A glass of gin and tonic with ice and a slice of lime
©pjohnson1/Getty Images

An airplane G&T is better than a cocktail in a fancy bar. – Fin McCarthy, Editorial Director

A plate of penne pasta

It's possible to get tired of the local cuisine, even if we're talking about Italian food in Italy. Also, related... room service in a hotel can be awesome. Just not every night! – Anna Hider, Commercial Copywriter

A long exposure of a crowded airport

A crowded airport can be relaxing. – Matt Paco, Video Content Producer

A crowded beach
©Yin-Hsun Chang/EyeEm/Getty Images

The beach is a stressful place.  – Meghan O'Dea, Commercial Content Editor

Clouds seen from an airplane window.
©Tommaso Tuzj/Getty Images

I kinda love airplane turbulence. – Alexander Howard, Lead Editor, Homepage

Young american woman taking selfie in New york, Times Square.

Don't take any photos on a vacation. You're there to enjoy yourself, not humblebrag to your friends back home. – Alicia Johnson, Digital Editor

Children ice skating in an urban park
©Damion Rae Photography/500px

Winter destinations and travel are not fun. – Fahima Anwar, Lead, Social Strategy

handicrafts, paintings, and antiques on display at the Dry Bridge Flea market in Tbilisi
©photoaliona/Getty Images

I find picking out souvenirs for people very stressful. – Anna Hider, Commercial Copywriter

Tasty meal served on board of airplane on the table
© Getty Images/iStockphoto

Airplane food is great - just make sure to use the salt pack. – Alex Butler, Senior Editor

Man selecting his meal from a breakfast buffet
© zoranm / Getty Images

Hotel breakfasts are overrated. – Meghan O'Dea, Commercial Content Editor

Couple laughing and relaxing in suite
©Sofie Delauw/Getty Images

Hotel robes and slippers are useless. Slippers are like flippers and robes are only XXXXL. – Fin McCarthy, Editorial Director

Bread stacked in a market
©mary gaudin/Getty Images

French food is overrated. – Alexander Howard, Lead Editor, Homepage

Interior view of a commercial airplane and its legroom in between seats.
©Scott's Shotz Photography/Shutterstock

Arm rests are for passengers in the middle seat. – Meghan O'Dea, Commercial Content Editor

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