Whether you come for its crystal blue Mediterranean waters. prehistoric temples, delicious gastronomy or exciting nightlife, laid-back Malta is a great place to unwind.

Janet Richard grew up on the island and shows us how to have the perfect day on Malta. 

Your guide to Malta

My name is Janet and I was born and raised on a tiny island in the Mediterranean called Malta. I am currently a masters-degree student and a full-time track-and-field athlete (and national record holder!). I have lived in Malta all my life, and all my friends and family are here. 

I love that everyone knows everyone here, since the island is so small. There is a big sense of community among all Maltese citizens. 

Why Janet thinks you should visit Malta

Valleta city gate
The baroque entrance to the fortified city of Mdina was built in 1724 © Janet Richard

There is so much you can do here. As a holiday destination, Malta caters to a lot of different interests, whether one prefers an active holiday or a low-key cultural and educational vacation. The incredible weather here makes it attractive to tourists year-round.

Janet’s perfect day in Malta



Three questions with Janet 

We asked Janet three questions to help you plan your visit to Malta.

What’s one place someone should visit to get a better understanding of Malta?

Malta has a very rich history. To learn more about this past and the island’s people, tourists can visit our museums and churches, then hit street markets and taste the local cuisine.

What’s a signature dish someone should try if they visit?

Rabbit is a popular Maltese dish. The best place to try it is at a small restaurant in Bahrija called New Life Bar. You also have to try pastizzi (a savory cheesecake) at a tiny shop in Rabat called is-Serkin. 

Imqaret (fried pastry with a date filling) is also a tasty Maltese snack. The best places to buy these are at a restaurant or from a van in Valletta, the capital city. 

Another typical Maltese snack – perfect for a beach day – is the hobz biz-zejt, an open sandwich with tuna, olives, goat cheese and tomatoes. I also recommend a local soft drink called kinnie (made from bitter oranges) and also a snack called Twistees (similar to cheese puffs).

If someone wants to bring home a souvenir, what would you recommend?

For anyone looking to buy jewelry as a souvenir, the best place is Mvintage, a local jewelry shop with multiple gorgeous collections, all with Maltese themes. 

One can also buy unique and beautiful handmade items from street markets such as the one in Marsaxlokk in Southern Malta. Also, check out the stunning handcrafted glassware at Mdina Glass in Mdina

You can find many souvenir shops in Valletta. Yet a local store called Souvenirs That Don’t Suck (with locations in Sliema and Valletta) caters to those who want to steer away from the typical fridge magnet. Expect useful day-to-day items enhanced with typical Maltese slogans and motifs. 


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