If the thought of spending over seven hours squeezed into the fuselage of an airplane gives you the pre-flight jitters, we've scoured Amazon for the coolest affordable accessories to help you survive your next long-haul flight. Bonus: none of these products are over $70, so you can spend more on enjoying your destination.

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Editor's note: We received a lot of useful feedback from readers concerned with the sustainability of some of the products recommended in the original version of this article. We have updated the below recommendations to coincide with our longstanding policy of sustainable travel.

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From portable footrests to the perfect sleep mask, here are the best travel accessories on Amazon right now.

Trtl Pillow

An easy-to-tote travel pillow, which looks more like a scarf, the Trtl makes napping a more comfortable proposition in any seat. Made of soft fleece, it will cradle your head with a hidden support structure and simply attaches to your luggage, bag or backpack. It’s also machine washable, so you can keep it clean and fresh after even your longest trips. Comes in adult and junior sizes, $29.99 and $25 at amazon.com.

Alaska Bear Sleep Mask

With over 10,000 reviews on Amazon, this simple sleep mask is 100 percent silk and features a latex-free adjustable headband. Not only will you get a comfortable fit, but it also provides a complete blackout – perfect for daytime napping aficionados. Comes in 22 colors and patterns. $9.99 at amazon.com.

Grayl Water Purifier [+ Filter] Bottle

This lightweight super smart water bottle does double duty for travelers: it won’t weigh you down and it provides purified drinking water in 15 seconds. Just fill it up, press a button and you’ll have access to clean, filtered water wherever you may roam. $69.95 at amazon.com.

Defway Travel Wallet

Organize your documents and keep your peace of mind with this safe, waterproof and well-designed pouch. This travel wallet will safely hold up to five passports, credit cards, boarding cards, tickets, keys and cash while RFID technology keeps your personal info, well, personal. An extra storage pocket also holds phones and a removable strap makes it easy to tote with you. Comes in five colors. $13.99 at amazon.com.

InSmart Travel Bottle Set

With eight leak-proof containers, you’ll be able to pack all your toiletries and have easy access to product on your flight. The four tubes are crafted from silicone and hard plastic, while the two cream boxes are reinforced with an extra cover. The two spray bottles also come in different colors so you’ll be able to determine which product lives inside which. $9.99 at amazon.com.

Isshah Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush

Take these biodegradable, multi-use toothbrushes on any long trip to ensure a better-smelling smile when you land. Made with sustainable bamboo, these toothbrushes are an excellent alternative to the carcinogenic, landfill-stuffing plastic brushes that dominate bathroom sink counters around the world. You'll like these so much they'll become part of your standard home routine in no time. A four-pack will last a year of daily brushing. $6.99 at amazon.com.

Lermende Clear Toiletry Bag

Nobody wants to get stopped going through security. Make things just a little bit easier with these clear, TSA-approved toiletry bags. You’ll get two, quart-sized pouches with top zipper which can hold cosmetics, approved liquids, medications and all your smaller accessories. They are waterproof and resistant to corrosion as well, so they’ll last more than one trip. Comes in 15 colors for $11.99 at amazon.com.

Actinput Compression Socks

Keep your blood circulation running in style with these non-binding, breathable compression socks. And with over 25 colors and patterns to choose from, you’ll feel more than comfortable kicking off your shoes on any flight. Starting at $7.59 at amazon.com.


Donerton Noise-Canceling Earbuds

These mid-priced earbuds combine wireless Bluetooth technology with passive noise-canceling so you can relax and enjoy your entertainment. The battery life is approximately six hours, but the case’s built-in charger pushes playtime to up to 150 hours – as well as charging other compatible devices. $42.99 at amazon.com.

Kindle Fire 7

Throw this 7-inch tablet in your bag and you’ll not only have access to the entire Kindle e-book store, but it will also give you access to a wide range of video, music and gaming apps. The HD tablet features two cameras, a web browser, 1GB of RAM and dual-band WiFi. Quite a deal for just $49.99 at amazon.com.

Marcoon Portable Sewing Kit

This travel-friendly mini-sewing kit has everything you need for wardrobe malfunctions. Whether you lose a button or rip a seam, this case includes everything you need to mend and make, including 41 spools of thread, sewing needles, pins and pin cushion, stainless steel scissors, buttons, a seam ripper, a thimble and even a folding measuring tape. It even comes loaded with knitting needs and crochet hook to pass the time in style. $16.99 at amazon.com.

Bumkins Reusable Snack Bag

Say "neither" to "paper or plastic?" and pack your in-flight snacks into these reusable bags. Constructed of single-ply, waterproof fabric, these bags won't harbor gross bacteria or smells, and are machine washable and dishwasher safe. As a bonus, these bags are great for organizing non-food items so you don't have to fumble around for your lip balm mid-flight. From $6.27 at amazon.com.

Zohzo Seat Organizer

This multipurpose organizer takes the fear out of leaving stuff on the plane. Just strap it onto the seat in front of you and store all your accessories safely. A larger clear pocket with a touchscreen viewer holds phones and tablets, while a center pocket and four small mesh storage areas allows you to keep reading materials, snacks, water and anything else you deem worthy. $9.99 at amazon.com.

Beskar Airplane Footrest

This genius little contraption is easily packable and overwhelmingly comfortable. Made from memory foam and covered in flannel, just strap the footrest over the seat’s table tray and rest your legs in the comfy hammock. $17.97 at amazon.com.

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