Feel like an eco-friendly adventure on the high seas? Grab a kayak and head out onto the Mediterranean. Not that long ago, kayaking along the Mediterranean coast was something of a hidden pleasure, but now it's actually becoming more popular among visitors as a mode of transport between land and sea.

'Kayaks mean you can travel at speed, without polluting,' explains Louis Azaram, director of the sports collective Objectif Nature. But that's just one of their many advantages. 'It is one of the best ways for families to discover this exceptional natural and protected site bordering the Agriates Desert. You glide along at water level, without making a sound or disturbing the aquatic or terrestrial wildlife, enjoying the shimmering turquoise of hidden streams, all under the watchful gaze of the Genoese Towers.'

Corsica is lucky enough to have extremely clear waters and, without wearing a mask, you can see underwater to depths of 15 metres, from rocky bottoms to sand banks and fields of seagrass. You can explore even further by going out with a mask and snorkel. Unlike a boat, you can pull a kayak ashore at any one of the pretty coves dotted along the coast, which are often more attractive than the beaches. Pack your snacks, mobile phone and camera into a water-tight case and you're good to go. Slip in a pair of sneakers so you can park the kayak to explore the scented maquis (scrubland) of the Agriates Desert on foot and gain some height to enjoy the coastal view.

If you're looking for a longer jaunt, try the three-day journey across the Agriates from Saint-Florent to Lozari beach. This trek into magnificent, isolated areas can really make you feel like Robinson Crusoe. Camping is subject to tolerance rules and only permitted from sunset to sunrise on sites specified and approved by the Conservatoire du Littoral. Be sure to respect the surrounding environment at all times. May, June and September are the best months for kayaking, as the coast can get crammed with sailboats and jet skis in the high summer.

Like the sound of that? Get all the information you need to know about Corsica right here and start making those plans!

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