Travel may still be a little tricky, but you can still traverse the globe with these delicious drink recipes to try at home. 

Today's cocktail hails from the United Kingdom – Pimm's. 

What is it?

The quintessential taste of British summer, a jug of this gin-based, tea-colored, citrus drink tropically topped with fruit and mint is mandatory at picnics and sporting events across the nation. 


Mr. James Pimm sold his London oyster-bar clients a “digestive tonic” in the 19th century: a secret mix of spirits, quinine and spices. Served in a tankard known as a “No 1 cup”, the drink (and brand) was sold in 1865, and while it has changed hands several times and diversified, offering cup numbers 2 to 7, today it is owned by the Diageo conglomerate, and only numbers 1, 6 and a “Winter Cup” remain. 

You’ll need (makes a pitcher) 

8fl oz (250ml) Pimm’s no 1 
½ cucumber, chopped 
1 orange, sliced 
squeeze of lemon juice 
handful of mint, crushed gently 
24fl oz (1l) lemonade (best quality you can find) 
3 strawberries, sliced 


Step 1: Mix the Pimm’s, cucumber, orange, lemon and mint together and refrigerate for an hour to let the flavors intensify. 
Step 2: Pour the Pimm’s concoction into a jug half-filled with ice. 
Step 3: Add the lemonade, then the strawberries just before serving, so they’re not too soggy. 
Step 4: Stir everything together gently. Party time. 

Tasting Notes

I say, it’s Pimm’s o’clock. Anyone for Pimm’s? Can you hear the thwack of tennis balls? Of cricket ball on bat? Of horses hooves thundering down a polo pitch? Find a grassy spot, shake out your picnic rug and submit to the Jug Pourer, while shielding your eyes from the sun. You’ll likely get a good hunk of ice, a strawberry slice or orange wedge, and some layers of cucumber and mint, along with the fizzy tawny mixture that tumbles into your glass. Guzzle eagerly for the refreshing, slightly spicy overtones and nibble the juicy, gin-macerated fruit. Applaud the shot, the catch, the goal. Nudge the Jug Pourer again. Or even smarter, appoint yourself Jug Pourer next time. 

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This article was orginally published in April 2020 and updated in August in 2020. 

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This article was first published April 2020 and updated August 2020

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